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Thanks for sending!


Dear Mr. Thielemann,

it was another memorable evening, in your presence we seem to be able to celebrate particularly well. And apart from that, the culinary part in particular was breathtaking.

Thanks very much!

John F


Hello dear Thomas,

It was a great event, the feedback from the guests was amazing - and you, Connie, Steffi and your team made a very important contribution to it!!!!!

The food, the decoration in the vineyard and the menu, the cooperation and your flexibility (I know the weather thing was a challenge) - everyone was enthusiastic, thank you very much!!!!


Warm greetings

Ulrike B.


Dear Mr. Thielemann,

Thank you for the wonderful Christmas goose, which I even managed to make crispy thanks to your tips. We really enjoyed the wonderfully juicy meat, the gorgeous red cabbage and the other delicious side dishes. The delicious meal brightened up Christmas for us in these troubled times.

Kind regards;

Jutta K.

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